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Golden kumquat



Mash the kumquats in the bottom of the shaker.

If using honey, stir the 2 bar spoons of honey with the other ingredients in the shaker until the honey is dissolved.

Shake all ingredients vigorously with ice and strain through a fine sieve into a frosted glass.

Garnish with a small kumquat piece or orange slice.


for 1 serving

kumquats 4-5
Honey 22.5ml
lemon juice 30ml
Capricorn26 60ml


For a particularly fruity aroma, the kumquats can also be shaken with lemon juice and honey in a cocktail shaker.

If you like it a little bitter, you can reduce the amount of honey or leave it out completely.

The Golden Kumquat Cocktail is a refreshing and exotic drink that combines the sweetness of kumquats and honey with the freshness of lemon juice and the spice of Capricorn26 Gin. This cocktail is perfect for those who appreciate a touch of fruitiness in their drink. The preparation is uncomplicated, but the result is complex in terms of taste and visually appealing.