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Premium dry gin

embodies the beauty and power of nature in every drop.


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  • juniper

    An important component that also provides a spicy note.

  • Kaffir Lime

    The exotic ingredient gives the gin freshness and liveliness

  • kumquats

    The sweet and sour taste makes our gin something very special

  • rosemary

    The spicy aroma of rosemary is an important ingredient

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About Us

The originality of the Alps and the traditional craftsmanship of the Black Forest, our gin combines the best of both regions and expresses the home of the founder.

26 botanicals symbolize the 26 cantons of Switzerland,

and the alcohol content of 42 percent stands for the multiplication of the 12 regional associations and 4 administrative districts in our home state of Baden-Württemberg.


The idea for Capricorn26 came about during a hike through the mountains of Graubünden, in Switzerland. It was a sunny evening. The founder was inspired by the sight of a majestic ibex, which suddenly stood in front of him and now represents our logo.

Today - three years and thousands of tests later - we have created Capricorn26, a gin distilled and crafted with the utmost care.

It convinces with its fruity, balanced and aromatic taste.

With its light juniper note, our gin is the ideal accompaniment for high-quality long drinks and at the same time a pure pleasure that you will never forget.

To keep it that way, we work with one of the best distilleries in Europe.

With Capricorn 26 you can experience the taste of home and the power of nature.


Unsere Brennerei befindet sich im malerischen Schwarzwald, wo wir traditionelles Handwerk mit modernster Technik verbinden. Dabei arbeiten wir ausschließlich mit den weltbesten Brennern, deren außergewöhnliches Können unseren Produkten einen einzigartigen Charakter und unvergleichliche Güte verleiht.