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Capricorn26 Dry Gin

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  • Premium dry gin
  • Can be paired with any tonic water
  • Exceptional, fruity-complex aroma profile
  • 42%VOL
  • 700ML/40ML
  • 26 botanicals

  • Fast delivery

  • Made in Germany

  • High quality

  • Sustainably flavored


Immerse yourself in the refreshing taste of Capricorn26 Gin, distilled from fruity kumquats and limes. This unique gin is a harmonious combination of exotic freshness and subtle sweetness.

Imagine yourself sitting on your patio on a warm summer evening, surrounded by a gentle breeze. You're holding a glass of Capricorn26, infused with aromas of sun-ripened kumquat and zesty lime. Every sip spoils your palate with an extraordinary taste experience.

The gin presents itself with a refreshing citrus scent that envelops your senses and immediately puts you in a good mood. The fruity kumquats provide a slight sweetness, while the limes give the gin a tangy note. A harmonious interplay of flavors that you will want to enjoy again and again.

The Capricorn26 Gin is perfect for cozy evenings with friends or to celebrate your own moment of relaxation. Serve neat over ice or mix with your favorite cocktail. There are no limits to its versatility.

Be enchanted by the fruity freshness of Capricorn26 Gin and immerse yourself in a taste experience that will delight your senses. Cheers to enjoyment and unforgettable moments!


26 carefully selected different botanicals are used for the Dry Gin Capricorn 26.
They come mainly from the spice manufactory Edy Ledig, 2 km from the distillery, a former star chef and, like the fine distiller Markus Wurth, who distilled the gin, an absolute quality fanatic.

Fresh organic herbs from the Demeter nursery in Bahr from the same location complete the exquisite portfolio of ingredients.

The organic kumquats are delivered fresh from the market in Amsterdam and processed immediately after delivery.

The quality and the demands that he places on his suppliers and the vegetable raw materials are the guarantee and the basis and also the open secret of the special exquisite quality and sophistication of CAPRICORN 26!

It is not a single super rare and special ingredient with an almost magical effect that makes it special, but the interaction of all botanicals means that the connoisseur will not soon forget this gin.

A small excerpt of the ingredients from the spice manufactory:

Wild jungle pepper from Madagascar and 3 other types of pepper

Ginger, cardamom, allspice, cloves

Hand-picked juniper berries of the Superriesen variety.

Kafir lime, various citrus fruits such as Buddha's hand, lavender blossoms, etc.

Distilled in a small 379 liter copper still.

Small batches in absolute manual work with a lot of time and craftsmanship
Skillfully refined into a liquid spice/perfume.

An aroma basket and special fixtures make this distillation system unique.

Enjoyed as a soloist pure in the glass, this gin unfolds a harmonious, elegant and
Complex aroma explosion on the tongue without being alcoholic

Tonic unfolds a wide variety of aromas and taste impressions, depending on the variety. From fresh citrus notes (Thomas Henry) to spicy peppery notes
(Fever Tree Mediterranean) but actually our Levi harmonizes wonderfully with all tonics according to your own taste.

Additional Information

  • Weight:
  • Volume:
  • Alcohol content: 42.0 %VOL
  • juniper

    An important component that also provides a spicy note.

  • Kaffir Lime

    The exotic ingredient gives the gin freshness and liveliness

  • kumquats

    The sweet and sour taste makes our gin something very special

  • rosemary

    The spicy aroma of rosemary is an important ingredient